New Parent Orientation

New Parent/Student Orientation Presentations

On behalf of the Staff and Administrative Team, I would like to cordially welcome all our new parents and guardians to St. Clement Christian Academy.  As students transition between schools during their educational journeys, parents and students naturally want to know about their new school before arriving to school on the first day.  For this reason, St. Clement conducts New Parent Orientation Presentations periodically throughout the summer, as well as "empty building tours" typically in mid-July.  The Orientation Presentations are an opportunity to get an overview of the schedule, programming specifics, and some practices and protocols that are unique to SCCA  The "empty building tours" are an opportunity for parents and students to come and simply walk through the building to become familiar with its layout.  Teachers and staff are not on-site during the "empty building tours"; however, parents will be able to meet teachers during our annual Open House event in early August.
The link below is a copy of the PowerPoint presentation guiding discussion during the Parent Orientation sessions.  Ample time is also devoted to covering parent questions not covered during the presentation. 
It is my sincere hope that all new parents and guardians are able to attend one of our orientation sessions.  I look forward to meeting you and working with you and your child(ren) throughout the school year.
Bishoy Saad

New Parent Orientation PowerPoint