Teaching and learning are valued within St. Clement Christian Academy because of the underlying belief that excellence honors God. Teachers and students at St. Clement Academy have the unique privilege of renewing their minds each day as they strive to honor the Lord. Learning activities are planned for students that help to grow them into enthusiastic lifelong learners. Teachers are expected to be reflective practitioners who individually and collectively engage children's interest in many aspects of the world in which they live.


Each curriculum area is extensively reviewed at least once within every five year period. Research findings, state and national standards and experiences within the school's professional staff are considered when developing curriculum and selecting textbook series and additional resources to be used with students. Prioritized objectives for students at St. Clement Academy are decided upon through collaboration of staff and by utilizing the expertise of outside professionals.

            We are using A Beka and Bob Jones Curriculum



Extracurricular Activites:
  • Art Projects
  • Hymns/Coptic Classes
  • Arabic/Spanish Classes
  • Wednesday Liturgy
  • Plays / Musical
  • Computer Classes
   Special Events:
  • Science Fair
  • Annual Christmas Program
  • Summer Program
  • Annual Easter Program
  • Field Trips / Library Visits
  • Talent Show
  • Field Day