Academic Goals
  1. Enable students to develop creative thinking and critical thinking skills in academic subjectspic3 using the Bible as their standard of faith.
  2. Assist families in preparing their children for future education.
  3. Recognize and develop the individual personality, intellectual abilities, and unique gifts and talents of each student.
  4. Help each student use appropriate effort to reach his or her full academic maximum.
  5. Help each student gain a command of the fundamental processes used in communicating and dealing with others through subjects such as reading, writing, speaking, listening, mathematics and character building.
  6. Enable students to learn, show an understanding of, and apply ideas and skills in science, social studies, history, fine arts, computer science, foreign language, and personal money management.
  7. Promote in each student responsible citizenship through the development of understanding and appreciation of our Coptic Christian heritage, our American Republic.
  8. Provide adequate facilities, equipment, and materials for the educational process while avoiding unnecessary expenditures or any unsound financial practice.
  9. Help each student develop his or her skills in analysis, synthesis, interpretation, and application to encourage intellectual growth and reflect in their daily lives a Biblical world and life view.
  10. Promote an appreciation for our free enterprise system of government, respect for the property of others, the work ethic and honest business practices.